The wisdom of the pharmacist,
from the ancient original recipe

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The name, unusual for a bitter taste, represents on the one hand a tribute to the world of numbers and the elegance of mathematics. On the other hand, it wants to evoke all the tastes of complete bitterness: a bitter, in fact, all - round.


1957: Alpi Venete

Doctor Santo Bason, pharmacist, found - in a chest of drawers of the ancient mountain pharmacy - a small book held together by an elastic band. In this little book, some magisterial formulas, among which one, among the many based on herbal teas, decoctions and syrups, draws the doctor's attention: an unusual combination of herbs and roots of the tradition of the Venetian mountains, with "the intrusion" of exotic species far away in space and time. A combination of flavors and aromas that can not be compared.

From this discovery, Dr. Bason began to prepare, in the laboratory of the pharmacy, a unique bitter, distilled in small quantities to be honored to the most prominent personalities of the country: the doctor, the parish priest, the mayor, in the special occasions of the tradition.

Amaro 3,14 is born from that ancient recipe, donated more than twenty years ago on the occasion of a generational "handover" to the current descendant of Dr. Bason - Sandro - today in the direction of the pharmacy.


From that special and secret recipe, the current descendant of Dr.Bason, Sandro - today in the direction of the pharmacy - has elaborated in time 3.14. a special bitter, innovative but respectful of the original mix, traditional in spirit but rich in an infinite number of nuances, obtained in small quantities for a few connoisseurs.


It is - obviously - original and secret.

But all of its components are the expression of the highest quality: from the choice of alcohol, obtained from cereals, without contaminants or volatile substances that can alter the taste and aroma, designed for well trained palates and smells, such as those of a true connoisseur. Furthermore, the distillation of alcohol takes place so that the bitterness does not contain any traces of gluten.


3,14 has excellent digestive properties - stimulates gastric juices and biliary function emphasized by a balanced alcohol content and a fine sensory balance.

Bevi Amaro 3,14

The "sacred texts" of the preparatory pharmacist recommend, in the formulation of a bitter, an alcohol content of about 24%-25%, since this represents the "point" of greater effectiveness for digestion. At the same time, even the use of too many simple sugars can slow down and make the digestive process incomplete.

Already a modest quantity as an aperitif or at the end of a meal stimulates the digestive system.


3,14 is aimed at a demanding public, who want to drink the right:
without exaggerating, but with absolute quality.
For this reason, 3,14, even today, it is not sold in traditional channels but through a few selected sales points and by word of mouth of the many connoisseurs who have appreciated uniqueness, taste and quality.


Amaro 3,14 won the IWSC Gold 2019 award in the Bitters - Digestif category


Amaro 3,14 is formulated and distributed by:

Farmacia Bason Dr. Sandro
Viale Trento, 68
36078 Valdagno (VI)
+39 0445.401004

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